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What We Do?

What We Do?

Apply to the top international Universities in 5 simple steps

How It Works?

Understand which Institutions will accept you instantly

We have been associated with universities to understand their entry requirements, and hence we make it easier for you to make a choice of your university without the normal wait and confusion. Our counselors are empowered and provide you with instant feedback from leading global universities by asking you a few easy questions

Shortlist Universities
—Pngtree—online education training cours

Apply to your dream Universities

It is getting more exciting now. Our team has now assisted you with everything you need to fulfill your application. Time for us to submit your application to your dream Universities!

Rank your favorite Offers

We assist you in sorting through your offers from Universities and educational institutes, that best suit your study abroad requirements. Time to help you choose your favorite offers and finalize the shortlist of your Universities to send your application.

University Ranking - RGB Study Abroad & Immigration
Personal Profile - RGB Study Abroad & Immigration

Complete your personal profile

Fantastic! You have taken the most important step in your career. Our team will now support you to complete your RGB profile upload with your favorite Universities, that you have ranked from your shortlists and offers, thus making it a simple process to submit your application.

Receive your Offer Letter

Congratulations! It is now official. You have your formal University offer letter. You can now go ahead and accept the offer and confirm your acceptance with your dream University. You are just a step away from a life-changing experience.

University Offer Letter - RGB Study Abroad & Immigration
Study Abroad - RGB Study Abroad & Immigration

Get ready to Study Abroad

Get ready to pack your bags! We are here to assist you in every way. We will assist you in organizing your visa, help you in booking your flights, helping you with the necessary student insurance, and even assist you in accessing student loans.

Get Started

Find out which International University will accept you immediately

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